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Meghan Andhi dev sketches

Andhi Meghan Andhi TAEtna LinusOshare

Some development images for Meghan Andhi. Her hair and jewelry are designed to resemble a storm cloud, so her name is a pun on “storm cloud” in Hindi.

This character has a bit of contention behind her. Originally the comic she was created for starred a former-friend’s character. After small joke about that character being of questionable age, I mentioned that the idea made me uncomfortable, and that I don’t know if I could shake that idea while drawing the comic. I told him that I wouldn’t be using his character, but told him at the wrong time (he was having an extremely bad week – his dog got cancer, I think? I don’t quite remember, it was months ago) so he got mad and cut all ties with me. Then the redesign I used looked too much like Connie from Steven Universe, which, when pointed out to me made me uncomfortable again.

That said, I think this character is way better than the other ones. People are welcome to disagree (somewhere else, away from me.)